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Peacock Craft for Kids

Peacocks are so colorful and a fun craft for kids to decorate! After creating the Thanksgiving Turkey, I decided to use the same concept and make this stand-up Peacock Craft.
  • Printer paper
  • Blue and green construction paper
  • Yelow paper
  • Green glitter ribbon – or green paper
  • Paper hole reinforcers
  • Gold glitter glue pen
  • Blue, black, turquiose markers
  • Stapler
  • Scotch tape
  • Ruler
  • Craft glue
  • Scissors
  • Printable Peacock Pattern
  • Print out the Peacock Pattern on either white or blue paper. If printed on the white paper, cut out and trace onto the blue construction paper.
  • Cut out the peacock and make 2 snips into the band where noted. Add a small piece of scotch tape below the snips to keep the paper from tearing.
  • Decorate the face of the peacock with a triangle of yellow for the beak, two paper hole reinforcers for the eyes and a small section of green glitter ribbon cut for the crown.
  • Curl the peacock pattern so that the two short ends match in the back. Either staple or tape the two ends together.
  • Cut 8 strips of green paper to be 1″ wide by 5.5″ long for the peacock’s feathers.
  • Color in 16 of the paper hole reinforcers with the turquoise marker then place 2 on each of the feathers.
  • Use the blue marker to put a dot inside each of the turquoise circles.
  • Apply a small dab of gold glitter flue at the top of each of the turquoise circles as shown.
  • Once dry, spread out the 8 feathers into a half circle with one end of each strip overlapping in the center. Then staple the 8 pieces together.
  • With the peacock standing upright, insert the bottom feathers into the slits that were cut on the sides of the peacock so that the green strips stand up like feathers.

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