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Color Wheel & Art

Working with primary and secondary colors on the color wheel to create art. Lessons on combining color.

Impressionism for Kids, Six Styles of Art

6 Easy Art Appreciation classroom lesson plans - elementary and pre-k children. Impressionism Art plans include Monet, Van Gogh, Cezanne, Seurat, Degas, Renoir.

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Impressionism Art Project

A fun lesson in Impressionism Art. Layer colors and shapes to create dimension and design. Primary colors mix to form secondary colors with transparent sheets.

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How to Color Popcorn Kernels

Popcorn kernels are inexpensive and easy to color for a variety of crafts. Color an much or as little as you need for crafting projects.

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Color Wheel Bookmarks

Print 6 Color Wheel bookmarks per page. Children can identify Primary and Secondary colors. Free printable color wheel bookmarks from Activities for Kids.

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Magic Potion Drink

Learn about how primary colors mix to make secondary colors with this Magic Potion Drink Recipe for Kids. A fun way to learn about the color wheel.

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Printable Color Wheel

Print with or without labels for colors. Color Wheel Printable where children can either color in a page or the teacher can print out on colored paper - children can then assemble the primary and secondary colors to make a color wheel.

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