Kid's Birthday Party Ideas
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Group Games

Candy Memory Game for Kids

A game for St. Patrick's Day. Don't just hand out the candy, make a game of it. For this candy memory game, use gold foil wrapped candies - coins, rolos, actually just about any candy will do.

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Printable Games for Kids

Games to print for children. Take on classroom field trips, in the car, on vacation, to a restaurant - keep kids occupied with different printable games.

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Four Corners

An easy game for a group of children to play either indoors or out. There is no rough play involved in this game. Actually the quieter the child is the better their chance to win.

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Leap Frog

A fun game that has been played by younger children since the late sixteenth century in colonial America.

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Tug of War

An outdoor game for a group. Teams are selected with an even number for each side.

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Wall Ball

A quick paced game game for a group to play either inside or out - Inside a gym or against an outside wall.

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