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Footprint Ghosts

Footprint ghosts are an easy Halloween craft for younger children - more at
  • Quilt Batting (from the fabric store in packages) or Vent Filters (from the hardware store)
  • Craft glue
  • Google eyes
  • Black marker
  • Scissors

Great Halloween craft for the little ones to take home to mom & dad. Super easy and inexpensive, can be done with polyester batting – the thinner the better. Another option is to use vent filters from the hardware store. Vent filters usually come 12 to a pack for around $5 and are large enough to make 2 footprint ghosts. Don’t forget about Grandma & Grandpa, this craft is easy to send in the mail with a holiday greeting.

  1. Using the black marker, trace the child’s foot on to the fabric and cut out.
  2. Attach google eyes with the craft glue.
  3. Add a mouth with the black marker.
  4. Foot Print Ghosts can be displayed by hanging from the ceiling or use a magnet on the back to attach to the refrigerator.

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