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Shining CD Christmas Nativity Craft

A lovely holiday decoration using a recycled computer CD. The stable, manger and figures are all made with basic shapes. Instructions at

I love the way the CD shines in the light giving this easy holiday craft a lovely glow. This Christmas Nativity craft might be a little changeling as a pre-school craft, but older children should have no problem creating and cutting out the basic geometric shapes for the nativity scene.  Attach a magnet and use to decorate the refrigerator or attach a string to the back for a shining Christmas ornament.
  • Several colors of construction paper including brown for the stable.
  • Gold foil paper for the star
  • Recycled computer or music CD
  • Craft glue
  • Scissors
  • Start with the stable and cut out a rectangle (approximately 2.5″ by 1.5″) and a triangle for the roof (approximately 4″ by 2″ high) out of the brown construction paper. The stable needs to be large enough to cover the center hole on the CD.
  • Glue the two parts of the stable on to the shiny side of the CD.
  • Cut 2 triangles out of different colors of construction paper for Mary and Joseph.
  • Cut out a small rectangle (approx. 3/4″ by 1/5″) for the manger.
  • Cut out 3 small circles for Mary, Joseph and Jesus.
  • Glue these pieces in place as shown.
  • Cut out a free-form star from the gold foil paper and glue to the top of the stable. I used a leftover gold foil bag from the Dollar Store.
  • Tips: If any excess glue gets on the CD, just wipe away with a Q-tip dipped in rubbing alcohol.

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