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CD Stars – Reverse Image

Reverse image, recycled, CD stars shimmer and shine when made with hologram paper. For the 4th of July holiday, make these stars in red and blue with a touch of silver for the white. Both the shine from the CD and the shine from the paper will give a dazzling effect to this craft for kids to make.  

Hologram paper can be found at your local dollar store. For a heavier weight use party hats (8 to a pack in multiple colors) or purchase large gift bags for each color you are making. For an easier craft, print the CD Star pattern directly on red and blue paper and bypass using the hologram design.

Add some shimmer and shine to your July 4th holiday with these reverse image stars made from recycled CD's and hologram paper


Supplies Needed

  • 2 CD’s
  • Printer paper
  • Hologram paper – red, blue and silver
  • Craft glue
  • Scissors
  • CD Star template (prints 2 per page)

Directions for CD Star

  • Print out the Printable CD star template.
  • Trace around the CD to create a circle on the hologram paper, then cut it out.
  • Cut out the circle of the printed CD Star template, then cut out the star.
  • Use the paper star for the pattern on the circle of hologram paper, then carefully cut out the star keeping the five oval shapes from the edges of the star.
  • Using the shiny side of the CD. On one CD, glue the hologram star. On the second CD glue the five oval shapes along the outer circle of the CD.
  • Cut out the circle of the printable CD star template and trace it onto the colored hologram paper and on the silver hologram paper. Cut out both circles.
  • Glue the silver circle onto the hologram star. Glue the colored circle to the center of the CD with the five oval shapes.
  • Display your Reverse Image CD Stars as large refrigerator magnets or use them to decorate your table.

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