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Fun Treats

Jello Flowers

Cute little Jello Flower treats are fun to serve at a Garden Party or Tea Party for your child.

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Snack Mix

Great way to teach kids about measuring and fractions. Use ingredients that your kids like to make individual bags of snack mix.

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Chicken Nuggets

Are chicken nuggets a family staple at your house? This kid tested recipe takes a fast-food favorite and puts a healthy spin on this picky-eater pleaser.

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Spaghetti IN Meatballs

A fun way to surprise your kids with something different for dinner - or a silly April Fool's prank. Use different types of pasta and top with your favorite sauce.

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Magic Potion Drink

Learn about how primary colors mix to make secondary colors with this Magic Potion Drink Recipe for Kids. A fun way to learn about the color wheel.

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