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Preschool Mummy Craft

Easy Preschool Mummy Craft for kids.  A 5-minute Halloween craft to keep kids occupied from
It’s the end of the school day and there is still a few minutes to kill, all you need is an easy to put together Halloween craft. This super-simple, very low-cost preschool mummy craft is a bit of a reversal of the traditional mummy. Instead of layering white fabric/tape/paint over the dark mummy form, strips of black paper on the white paper plate give the illusion of the mummy wraps.
  • Small white paper plate
  • Scraps of black paper
  • Yellow paper
  • Google eyes
  • Scissors
  • Craft glue
  • To get started, flatten out the paper plate.
  • Cut two circles of yellow paper. No template is needed – any shape – even mis-matched shapes will do.
  • Glue the yellow circles in place then glue the google eyes on top of the yellow paper.
  • Cut thin strips of black paper and glue in an angled fashion around the plate.

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