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Easy Indian Corn Activity

Fall printout for kids. Use finger paints to make a colorful Indian Corn picture, directions at
A colorful decoration to celebrate Fall.

Use the printable corn template that is provided for this holiday craft.

This is an easy activity for younger children. The Indian Corn can be decorated with finger paints or bits of tissue paper.

Add torn strips of a brown bag to create the husk. Great Kindergarten classroom project.

  • White paper
  • Craft glue
  • Small paper plate
  • Finger paints in fall colors – yellow, orange, gold, brown
  • Brown paper bag
  • Indian Corn Printout
  1. Print out the Indian Corn Printout on the white paper.
  2. Place a few drops of paint on a paper plate for each child.
  3. Using their fingers, have children place dots of colors within the corn outline to represent the colors of Indian Corn.
  4. One lunch size brown bag is enough for about 5 pictures. Give each child a section of the bag and let them tear it into strips.
  5. Put dots of glue around the base of the Indian Corn and up the sides, then attach the strips of brown bag for the husk. It is best to wait until the paint has dried to do this step.
  • Instead of using finger paints for the corn, squares of tissue paper can also be used.
  • Also see: Falling Leaves activity.

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