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Halloween Egg Hunt

Halloween party games for kids - Upcycle plastic Easter Eggs for a Halloween Egg Hunt. Cute images for Frankenstein, Dracula, Pumpkin and Monsters - Easy Halloween Crafts for kids from
What a fun Halloween activity for children of all ages. We all have tons of those plastic Easter eggs – and for some reason we buy more each year. This year, decorate the plastic eggs with permanent markers and white-out to create the recognizable faces of Halloween’s favorite ghouls and goblins. Just a few items are needed to easily transform the Easter Eggs into a Halloween activity. Fill the eggs with candy or little Halloween treats then hide them in the house or in the yard for a fun Halloween Egg Hunt.
  • Plastic Easter Eggs.
  • Permanent markers
  • White- out
  • Candy and other treats for filling the eggs
  • Sort through your collection of Easter eggs for the best Halloween colors. Colors that I selected from my stash were green, orange, purple and blue.
  • Using permanent markers draw faces on the eggs. I tried several different colors of markers and always went back to the thin tip black Sharpie marker – it seemed to have the best coverage and was easy to work with.
  • For some of the designs, I also used white-out. This is pretty easy to work with, but it does dry quickly. Put it on first then outline or accent with the black marker. Don’t get too carried away with the designs. Make them simple as you might have quite a few to do. A dozen or so took me about 10 minutes to decorate.
  • Fill the eggs with candy and treats and you are all set for a Halloween Egg Hunt!
Halloween party games for kids - Up-cycle plastic Easter Eggs for a Halloween Egg Hunt.  Cute images for Frankenstein, Dracula, Pumpkin and Monsters - Easy Halloween Craft for kids. Find more holiday activities and ideas at

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