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Backyard Play Places for Kids

DIY Backyard Play Places for Kids from easy projects to complete waterparks and playgrounds list from Activities For

DIY – Backyard Play Places for Kids

  1. Event Horizons has gone all out to create a backyard water park that will last all summer long and make you the envy of the neighborhood.
  2. At eHow you’ll find the instructions on how to create an awesome miniature golf course in your backyard.
  3. Mom Endeavors has put together a fun Kiddie Car Wash. First as a bonding project for dad and the kids, the finished product will keep both the ‘vehicles’ and kids clean all summer long.
  4. A random formation of pipes and a garden hose are all that’s needed to create a PVC Pipe Sprinkler from Prairie Daze.
  5. DIY Sprinkler is simple to put together using a recycled plastic soda bottle. Put together a couple for a hot summer day.  From Housing a Forest.
  6. Create a backyard beach with instructions from Wraysist3rs. Transform a raised garden bed or other patio space into a covered oasis complete with a kiddie swimming pool.
  7. Boys and girls can test their accuracy with this backyard passing practice wall made from an inexpensive tarp and duct tape originally from Spoonful though the link has been lost. See above right corner of image – simply use a tarp and duct tape.
  8. Build a Soccer Goal out of PVC for backyard sports, find instructions at This Old House.
  9. Use a variety of objects to make a Water Wall for Summer Fun, from Mamaot.
  10. Recycled Doors Playhouse is an interesting way to create a little private play space.  Directions at Play-Scapes.
  11. Instructions for building a Colorful Tire Climber from recycled tires from My Small Potatoes.


What suggestions do you have for Backyard Play Places? Share your comments below.

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