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Yin Yang Valentine Card

Printable template for a Yin Yang Valentine card.  Holiday  - Valentine's Day activity for kids.
I found this cute card while perusing Pinterest but could not find the printable pattern anywhere so I created one that you can use with your children. The original card can be purchased through Etsy, but this simplier version can be made as a child’s Valentine craft. Use the printout Yin Yang Valentine Card pattern and cut an additional heart from a coordinating color of paper. The interlocking hearts form the Yin Yang design. To further decorate the card, I glued coordinating sequins on the outside flap of the hearts.
  • Two colors of paper – make sure one of them can be used in your printer
  • Craft glue
  • Sequins, rhinestones, stickers- or other decoration
  • Yin Yang Valentine Card Pattern
  1. Print out the Yin Yang Valentine Card Pattern on colored paper. For this example, I used red printer paper.
  2. Cut out the Valentine card and fold in the the two hearts on the ends of the card.
  3. Trace one of the hearts onto another color of printer paper – I used pink paper.
  4. With a glue stick or diluted glue, paste the single heart over the heart on the front of the card and allow time to dry.
  5. Fold the two hearts in so that they overlap forming a Yin Yang design.
  6. Decorate the outside of the card with two sequins or other decorations.
  7. Write your Valentine greeting inside the card.

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