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Yarn Weather Monitor

A cute classic and easy kids craft that has been around for years, a Christmas Weather Monitor yarn braid
A cute classic craft for kids that has been around for generations, a yarn weather monitor – long before cell phones and weather apps. A silly printable saying that pretty much points out the obvious 🙂 Kids will have fun braiding the yarn and using this clever little craft as a gift for grandma or grandpa.
  • PDF for the Printable Weather Monitor Card. Note: Three cards will print per page.
  • Red, green and white yarn
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch
  • Printer paper, though card stock white paper works best
  1. Select and print out the PDF for the Printable Weather Monitor Card.
  2. Cut apart the three cards and punch a hole in the top left corner of each card.
  3. You can make the yarn braid any size you wish for this craft. In this example, I used 30 pieces for yarn for each of the three colors. The yarn pieces were 15″ long and created an 8″ braid
  4. Once the yarn is braided, tie off each end with another piece of yarn and attach the card.
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