Kid's Birthday Party Ideas

Wall Ball

What You Will Need for Wall Ball:
  • Wall with no windows
  • A high bounce ball
  • 4 or more players
Rules of the Game:
  • The winner of the previous game starts by serving the ball.
  • The ball must hit the floor once before hitting the wall.
  • If the ball bounces more than once after rebounding from the wall, the person closest to the ball (that did not hit it last) is eliminated.
  • There is no order to who hits the ball. The player who hits the ball may not hit the ball until another player hits the ball.
Objective of the Game:
  • To eliminate all players and be the last one still in the game.
How to Play Wall Ball:
  1. All the players gather around a wall and one person serves the ball.
  2. The ball must hit the ground one time only and then hit the wall.
  3. Once the ball bounces more than one time the player closest to the ball is eliminated. The player who hit the ball is excluded from being eliminated.
  4. If a player hits the ball and it bounces more than once and then hits the wall, the player that hit the ball is out.
  5. There is no order in which the players need to hit the ball. A player may not hit the ball two times in a row.
  6. If a player hits the ball and touches it after it is hit, they are out.

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