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Valentine Heart Math

A Valentine activity that makes adding and subtracting fun! A free printable is provided for the hearts as well as the math worksheet. Six hearts will print on each page, for this example I used 2 pages for 12 hearts. For younger children number the hearts 1 to 12 and they can use each heart as a counting tool Рpunch holes to equal the number listed on the heart. This is also a perfect opportunity to practice fine motor skills as well with cutting and hole punching.  Give older children a challenge by seeing how many ways they can use the 12 hearts to create the math formulas.
  • Pink or red printer paper for the heart template
  • White or other colors of printer paper for the math worksheet
  • Free printable Heart Template
  • Free printable Math Worksheet
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch
  • Print out the Heart Template on the red or pink printer paper.
  • Print out the Math Worksheet on white or colored printer paper. I used red in this example.
  • Cut apart the 12 hearts. Note: lining up the hearts and folding the page will make it easier to cut out the hearts.
  • On the back of the hearts, number each from 1 to 12 then punch out the number of holes that matches the number.
  • Rearrange the hearts on the worksheet to make math formulas.

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