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Tulle Princess Crown

Easy Crown Headband made from different colors of tulle - netting.  Fun for your little Princess or Ballerina.
No sewing or glue required for this very easy festive crown headband. Use colors from a birthday theme for a pretty little princess crown or seasonal colors for a Mardi Gras crown. The crown headband is made from inexpensive tulle and makes great party favors for a little girl’s birthday.
  • Scissors
  • Tulle – I used two different colors tulle for this example.
  • Plastic headbands – inexpensive dollar store type work well (I purchased 8 in a package)
  1. Cut the tulle into sections that are around 6″ by 9″. For this example, I used 6 pieces of purple and 5 pieces of green.
  2. Bunch the tulle together and fold in half then lay it over the headband.
  3. Take the cut edges and loop under the headband, feeding the cut edges through the loop that is created from the fold. Pull to tighten and move it into place.
  4. Repeat for each piece of tulle that you are using.

I found that when I was doing this some of the pieces were a little longer than the others. Perhaps I didn’t have an exact cut or else the knot was made a little tighter. If this happens to you, you can just trim the pieces of tulle to your desired length. Another option:  Instead of cutting it evenly all the way around, leave it a little longer in the center to create more of a peaked crown look.


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