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Tips For When You Travel With Kids

Family Packing Advice

Before the trip even begins, encourage the whole family to participate in the packing.

One to two weeks before the trip make a list of what will be needed on the trip. As you gather these items, store them in a large bag or box.Provide each family member with their own container/case for toothpaste, toothbrush, comb, shampoo and soap. Trial size baby bath works well in place of bars of soap.

Make a list of like items that each family member will be responsible for packing. Have them check off the items as they pack.(ex. 5 pairs sox, swim suit, jacket …)

Allow each child to bring a small bag or games, toys, stuffed animals or other personal items to make them feel comfortable being away from home.

Several months before a trip, find a few small toys that your child enjoys, but hasn’t played with in a while and pack them away. Bring these toys with you on your trip for something ‘new’ to play with. Small ‘disposable’ toys like the ones found in happy meals work well with this idea.

You can reduce wrinkles by hanging up 1 to 2 items inside a plastic dry cleaning bag before hanging them in your garment bag.

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