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St. Patrick’s Day Mobile

St. Patrick's Day Mobile craft for kids at
Three different size shamrocks & pots of gold are available on the template. This example used the small shamrocks and medium sized pot of gold. Use any combination of images to create a St. Patrick’s Day decoration.
  • Select and print the shamrock, pot of gold and rainbow stencils listed above.
  • Cut out and color in the rainbow. The colors or the rainbow are indicated on the printout.
  • Cut the shamrocks out of fun foam or green construction paper then attach to the rainbow at one end with yarn. Children can cut out one shamrock for each family member if they wish.
  • Cut the pot of gold out of fun foam or construction paper. Use black foam or paper then decorate the gold coins by using sequins, gold paint or beads. Another option would be to use white paper and color in the black pot and gold coins. Using yarn, glue the pot of gold to the other end of the rainbow.
  • Attach a portion of yarn to the top of the rainbow so that it can be hung up and displayed.

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