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Sesame Street Birthday Party Ideas

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Kids love the adorable Sesame Street Characters and it is a fun way to have a birthday party for a younger child. Below are some ideas to get you started with a Sesame Street Birthday Party theme.

Sesame Street Birthday Party Ideas:

  • Start with Sesame Street Party invitations from Activities For Kids.
  • Print out Thank you cards for kids using the same design, there are two options to choose from – fill in the blank for younger children or blank lines to write a personal message.
  • Create Custom Banners to use at the party. Several shapes to choose from – enter any letters or symbols that you choose. Decorate with Sesame Street Stickers.
  • Use primary colors of red, yellow and blue for paper plates, cups and napkins.
  • Balloons and streamers in red, yellow, blue, green and orange – any bright colors will work.
  • Dorothy’s Punch – Fill a large fish bowl filled with blue cool-aid. Attach a sticker of a goldfish or draw one on the outside of the bowl.
  • Goldfish Snacks – Cal also be served in a small plastic fish bowl. Scoop into small individual plastic cups for serving.
  • Individual juice bags/boxes for younger children – that way there will be less spilling.
  • Colorful Party Cups filled with mini chocolate chip cookies or other treats.
  • Cupcakes – individual cupcakes always work well for younger children. See below for some creative ideas. For a simple and easy way to decorate cupcakes with a Sesame Street theme, use white frosting then add colorful M&M’s to the top – perfect Sesame Street colors!
  • Help Elmo find Dorothy – Hide a goldfish in a large bowl of blue dyed rice or salt or some other variation. Hide other small plastic toys in there. Blind fold each child and have them pick a toy from the rice.
  • Cookie Count – Help Count Von Count Count the Cookies in the jar before the Cookie Monster eats them! Have a clear (glass or plastic) jar of cookies. Each child writes down a guess of how many cookies are in the jar.  Closest guess wins! But in the end, all win- each child gets a cookie!
  • Oscar’s Trash Toss – Set a medium sized trash can about 4 ft from the start line.  Have the children line up behind the start line.  When it is their turn, give each child 3 – 4 pieces of crumpled up newspaper and give them a chance to toss the trash into the garbage can.  Whoever gets the most paper in the trash is the winner.
  • Printable Sesame Street Word Search – print a page for each guest.
  • Visit PBS for a great selection of printable Sesame Street coloring pages to print out.
  • Traditional games for any birthday party, 12 Easy Games for Kid’s Parties.
  • Make mini coloring books from the PBS Sesame Street Page and add a small package of crayons.
  • Use the Sesame Street Goodie Bag Thank You Note to create a message to attach to your goodie bags.
  • Plastic buckets in bright primary colors that filled with treats.
  • Large swirl lollypops.
  • Individual boxes of Chocolate Chip Cookies.

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