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Rainbow with Gold

What is your gold treasure at the end of the rainbow?  Gold hearts with notes of what is treasured most.  Instructions at  St Patrick's Day Crafts for Kids
What gold treasure is at the end of your rainbow? Pretty gold hearts at the end of this rainbow, turn them over and find the treasures that matter the most. Younger children will need a little assistance with this craft, older children can be creative when decorating the rainbow with markers, crayons or paint. I used a needle threaded with fishing line to attach the hearts to the rainbow which was a little difficult to work with, but did look nice when finished. Other options might be using yarn instead of the fishing line.
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch
  • White printer paper – card-stock works best
  • Finger paints
  • Gold foil paper
  • Fishing line or other thread
  • Rainbow Template
    (Please read our terms & conditions before downloading, thank you!)
Use water color paints to create a pretty rainbow.  Rainbow printable at
  • Print out the Rainbow Template on the white card-stock paper.
  • Put a few dabs of water into each of the watercolor paints.
  • Children can use their finger tips to color each of the rainbow colors.
  • Have the children cut the cut the rainbow out..
  • For the foil paper, I used a gold gift bag. At the folds, cut out several 1 – 2″ hearts.
  • Children can write on the back of the hearts what they consider to be their greatest treasure.
  • Use a hole punch to punch three holes at the bottom of each side of the rainbow.
  • Using fishing line or other, string, yarn – attach the gold hearts to the rainbow.

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