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Printable Tangrams

Printable Tangram Puzzle for Kids.  Find more Chinese New Year crafts for kids at

A little classroom fun for kids when learning about ancient China. These “Seven Pieces of Cleverness” Printable tangram puzzle for kids is a great classroom tool for teaching math functions including fractions and shapes. There are so many designs that you can create from these 7 shapes.

  • Heavy weight paper paper works the best. Construction paper or cardstock paper can also be used.
  • Printable Tangram Puzzle.
  1. Print the template for Printable Tangram Puzzle either on white printer paper or different colors of card-stock paper.
  2. When using white paper, children can cut out the shapes then trace onto seven different colors of construction paper.
  3. If using seven different colors of printer paper, each child can cut apart the shapes on one printout then share their shape with others so that they end up with seven different colored shapes.
  4. Use the shapes to create the designs shown or come up with your own. For a true tangram puzzle, all seven pieces must be used for each new shape.
  • Since the tangram puzzle is seven pieces, use seven different colors of paper when printing multiple puzzles. Give each child one puzzle to cut apart and then have them swap with others so that each child will have a puzzle that has seven different color pieces. Be sure that the children swap evenly shaped pieces with each other.
  • Printable tangrams are an excellent learning tool for children preschool age and up. By manipulating tangrams, visual-spatial powers of the mind are stimulated. In addition to the creative side of tangrams, many mathematical concepts are taught including: symmetry, area, perimeter and geometric shapes.
  • Tangram puzzles are also a fun classroom project for celebrating the Chinese New Year.

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