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Party Games for Kids

Popular, inexpensive and easy games for children's birthday parties from
Need a few more activities to occupy the guests at your child's next birthday party? Here are a few easy and inexpensive birthday party games that can fit with just about any birthday party theme.
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Dress Up Relay Race – For ages 6 and up.

Kids love to dress up – putting together silly items for creative play. This can be played as a game with teams or just done for the fun of it. Any old clothes will do. If you are playing a party game, have two sets of similar clothes. Examples of items to use: men’s button shirt, pants & belt, hard hat, tool belt, t-shirt, gown or dress, hat, heels. Be sure to have a camera on hand to share them fun with parents.

Divide the group into two teams. Have a table or box next to each line that has the dress-up items in it. Have the first child in each line put on a set of clothes. Once fully dressed, they can take it off. The next person in line repeats the dressing and undressing steps. The first team to finish is the winner.

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