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Noah’s Ark Craft

Noah's Ark Craft from  Attach animals to the ark, include a rainbow to color.

Just as Noah searched for the animals to load on to the ark, children can go through magazines looking for animal pictures to cut out to add to their ark. Have them imagine the diverse group of animals that Noah found to load onto the ark. It is unlikely that you will find pairs of animals in the magazines, but this activity encourages children to search for the animals as Noah did. Print out and color a rainbow for the ark. You can attach Noah’s Ark and the rainbow with yarn to create a mobile that can be hung up in the classroom.

Noah's Ark Craft from  Attach animals to the ark, include a rainbow to color.
  • Have children go through old magazines cutting out pictures of different animals.
  • Print out the Rainbow stencil on the white printer paper.
  • Print out the Noah’s Ark stencil on brown paper (or print on white cut out and trace on brown paper.)
  • Have the children cut the rainbow out and color according to the colors indicated on the printout.
  • Next, cut out the ark. Cut apart the top roof portion from the bottom part.
  • Cut a 7″ piece of masking tape.
  • Carefully add the masking tape to the back part of the roof of the boat – only having about a 1/4″ overlap. And again attach to the bottom part of the ark so that there is about a 2″ strip of masking tape between the top and bottom sections of the boat – sticky side out. (If this is too difficult with younger children, they can cut a rectangle piece of construction paper to tape to the two sections of the boat and then use glue to attach the animals.
  • Children can now stick the animals to the masking tape on the ark.
  • Attach the yarn or string behind the rainbow and ark to create a mobile.

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