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Mom, I Love You to Pieces Card

Printable card for Mother's Day - easy for all ages.  Print out the words and the card to assemble for Mom.

Let mom know that every piece of her is loved. I Love You to pieces card for Mother’s Day. Printables include the basic card and the individual words. Younger children will be able to practice writing the letters by tracing inside the printed words.

  • Print out the I Love Your to pieces card. Since children will be gluing lots of little papers to the card, it is best to use a heavier weight paper or card stock.
  • Fold the card in half so that the heart is on the inside.
  • Cut the words apart from the I Love Your to pieces mom printout. If you are doing this with a group, the children can mix up the words for a more colorful card.
  • Glue the Mom to the front of the card.
  • Tear small bits of paper from the ‘I’, ‘Love’ and ‘You’ strips and glue the words to the inside cover of the card.
  • Using the torn pieces of paper, attach some to the front of the card and the rest inside the printed heart.
  • Children can either color in the outlined letters or trace the letters.

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