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Mini Father’s Day Banner

Mini Printable Father's Day Banner only uses one sheet of printer paper.  Easy to print out and kids can decorate for Father's Day. #fathersday

Cute decoration to celebrate Dad! Printable mini Father’s Day Banner prints out on one sheet of printer paper. For a little more decoration, use the printout for the colorful background banner. Use a different color of construction paper or pretty wrapping paper to attach the three mini banners. This is an easy craft that is good for classrooms and larger groups. Banner measurement is 14″ x 7″.
More banner options: Custom printable banners and full size Happy Father’s Day Banners.

  • White paper or pastel color printer paper. Card stock paper can also be used but is not necessary.
  • Construction paper or colorful wrapping paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Crayons or markers
  • Printable Mini Happy Father’s Day Banner
  • Printable Mini Banner Background
  • Colorful yarn or ribbon is optional.

  1. Select and print Mini Happy Father’s Day Banner.
  2. Cut the three banners apart.
  3. With crayons or markers have the children decorate the mini banners.
  4. Select and print Mini Banner Background and cut it out on the outside line.
  5. Fold a section of colorful wrapping paper in half. Following the directions on the mini banner template, trace the template on to the wrapping paper with the fold line matching where the fold on the wrapping paper is.
  6. With a glue stick, attach the three mini banners for Happy Father’s Day to the wrapping paper background.
  7. Optional: Attach a section of ribbon to the front of the banner (as shown above.)

For a more personalized banner, be sure to visit the Custom Banners Page. Custom napkin rings for Father’s Day and Father’s Day printable Placemat.


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