Kid's Birthday Party Ideas

Leap Frog

What You Will Need to Play Leap Frog:
  • 3 or more players (age 4 and older)
Rules of the Game:
  • There is no winner or loser, which makes this a great game for younger children.
  • Players shout “Ribbit!” or “Hop!” as they leap over other players
Objective of the Game:
  • To have fun!
How to Play Leap Frog:
  1. All players line up in a straight line.
  2. The player in the front squats down on the floor.
  3. The next player, then places their hands on the first player and leaps over, shouting RIBBIT and then stays in a squatting position.
  4. Now two players are squatting and the next player standing will hop over each of player in front of him.
  5. This continues on for each of the standing players.
  6. Whenthe last player leaps over all the others, the first person then stands and takes his turn leaping over the others. Each player then takes a second turn and the game continues until the fun ends.

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