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Large Plant Tags

Large Plant Tags for Your Garden.

Print out 3 different plant tags per page. Three lines of text can print on each tag. The first line can have up to 10 characters, lines two and three can have up to 30 characters. It is best to use contact paper to protect the plant tags. Also see, Smaller Plant Tags.

1. Select color for the text font

2. Enter up to three lines of text for each tag.

3. Print as many plant tags as you would like. Press the back button when complete.

5. Secure a piece of contact paper to both sides of the plant tag to protect it from getting wet.

6. Use a hole punch on the inside of each tag. For the stake, use a standard straw. A small slit in the straw will help to secure the plant tag in place.

Please note: This is an interactive program and does not produce a PDF documents, therefore different browsers may process the information differently. This has been tested on Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Printable plant tags for your garden.  Customize and print out 3 plant tags per page from Activities For Kids
Step 1: Select the Coupon Book Font Color
Black Blue Green Yellow Orange Red Purple Lime Pink Brown
Step 2: Enter up to 3 lines of information for plant stake #1 Examples:
Full Sun
Water regularly
Step 3: Enter up to 3 lines of information for plant stake #2
A Symbol or Friendship
From ____________________
Step 4: Enter up to 3 lines of information for plant stake #3
Planted April 21
Step 5: Submit – or –