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Jesus Crown with Disciple Fish

Jesus is the King of Kings represented by the crown.  Fish can represent his Disciples or children can write their own names on the fish.  Free printable Bible study activity for kids at
This is a good Vacation Bible School craft for your group. The printable crown can be colored and decorated. I’ve used three rows of four fish for the 12 Disciples. Children can write the names of the Disciples or their own names on the fish. To add color and separation between the fish, plastic beads or even snipped sections of a plastic straw would work. To attach the fish, I used a two foot section of fishing line.
For the Jesus Crown and Disciple Fish you will need:
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch
  • Fishing line
  • Tape
  • Crayons or markers
  • Plastic beads, or sections of a plastic straw – 36 beads were used in this example
  • Printer paper for the crown
  • Printer paper for the fish
  • Jesus Crown template
  • Jesus Fish template – 4 print per page
How to make the Jesus Crown and Disciple Fish:
  • Print out the Jesus Crown. Print one per child.
  • Print out the Jesus Fish template. Print as many pages as needed. Children can either use the fish template to trace on to other paper or they can be printed out on colored printer paper.
  • Cut out the crown.
  • With crayons or markers, trace or color in the letters spelling Jesus.
  • Punch three holes on the crown where indicated.
  • Cut out the fish. Snip into the rectangle on the lines shown.
  • Line up the rectangle pieces and pierce the papers on the two dots (adults only) to create a small hole for threading the fishing line.
  • Curl the rectangle so that the two cut lines can be joined to make the fish.
  • Knot one end of the fishing line and thread through the fish, adding a few beads between each one.
  • After the desired number of fish are added, bring the fishing line through one of the holes on the crown and attach to the back of the crown with tape.

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