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I Love You to Pieces

I Love You to Pieces puzzle frame template from at  Printable frame comes in two sizes.  Cute gift for Father's Day or Mother's Day.
It is a cute saying but what does ‘I Love You to Pieces’ actually mean? The general understanding of the phrase is that you love everything about that person. It is a cute saying, especially when combined with puzzle pieces. This is an easy gifting craft for kids to make. Great for Father’s Day, Mother’s Day and Grandparent’s Day. Simply print out either the large (prints 2 per page) frame template or the small (prints 4 per page) frame template and have children decorate with puzzle pieces. Once dry, attach a photo and cardboard backing.
  • Printout the Large ‘I Love You to Pieces!’ Frame (3″ x 5″ opening) or the Small Frame (2″ x 3″ opening) on a sheet of card stock paper.  Pastel colors work well.
  • Cut the frames apart and give one to each child.
  • Depending on the child’s age, you may need to cut out the center section of the frame for them. To do so, gently fold the frame in half so that you can put a snip in the center of the rectangle. From the center, make 4 cuts – one to each corner. Fold back each of the four triangular pieces that you just created and cut along the inside of the frame.
  • Cut out a cardboard backing for the frame. Make it the same size as the frame..
  • Have children color and decorate the frames and use the craft glue to attach puzzle pieces to the sides of the frame.
  • Use the tape to secure a photo of the child to the back of the frame.
  • With craft glue,attach the cardboard backing to the back side of the frame.

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