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Hanukkah Coupon Books

Create custom coupon books for different holidays from
Children can create Personalized Coupon Books for Hanukkah gifts. Select a a Star of David or Menorah design to decorate the coupons and cover. Enter in the text that you would like to print for each page of the coupon book. For a large group, enter in some general coupons and then include some with blank lines (use the underscore key instead of text) and children can write in their own coupons.
  • Scissors
  • Crayons or markers
  • White paper or pastel colored paper. Pastel colored card stock paper works best for the first and last pages of the coupon book. Use white paper for the coupon pages inside the book.
  • Fastener for the book – ribbon was used for both of these books, but yarn, brads and even staples will work.
  1. Select the Printable Coupon Books page.
  2. Follow the instructions on this page by selecting Hanukkah design (full color image or an image that can be colored and decorated by the child.) Select the desired color for the text font and coupon border.  Enter in  the text for the first three pages.  Note:  If you are printing this out for a group, you may want to print all the front covers at one time so that they can use a different color of paper.
  3. Select the print option from your browser.
  4. You can have as many pages as you choose for each coupon book, simply press the back button from your browser and enter in different text for the next three pages.

For older children who wish to enter in their own coupons, use the underscore key or dashes to create coupons with blank lines.


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