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Gingerbread Ugly Sweater

For a new spin on the Gingerbread Family, this post gives a printout for a holiday Ugly Sweater! Now of course the sweater doesn’t really have to be ugly, it can be cute and colorful or a traditional classics like the yellow and black design for the Charlie Brown Sweater. Turn the holiday Gingerbread person into a paper doll with interchangeable sweaters. What I love about this holiday craft is that there is no right or wrong way to decorate the ugly sweater, it will be fun and creative. First off follow the directions on the Gingerbread Family post then print out the Ugly Sweater template for a paper doll type of clip on sweater which allows children to make several for their gingerbread child.
  1. Start out by creating a gingerbread person. The printable template can be found at the blog post Gingerbread Family.
  2. Select and print out the PDF for the Gingerbread Sweater.
  3. Save a few steps by printing the ugly sweater pattern directly on colorful printer paper. If you use white printer paper, then children can cut out the sweater pattern and trace to to construction paper or scrap-booking paper.
  4. Be creative and have fun decorating each ugly sweater for your gingerbread person.
  5. Fold the tabs back so that the sweaters can be ‘dressed’ in their holiday Ugly Sweaters.

First start with the Gingerbread Family Craft for kids.


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