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50 + Ideas, Garden Party for Kids

Pin the Ladybug on the Flower - Garden Party for kids game printable from
Ladybugs, Butterfly’s and Bumble Bees… Oh My!
Make use of the lovely weather outside or bring the theme indoors – a garden party for kids is a bright and cheery way to celebrate with colorful flowers and cute garden critters that children are fond of.

Garden Party for Kids, Ideas from Activities for Kids:

  • Start with one of the several images available on the Printable Birthday Party invitations page.
  • Print out Thank you cards for kids using the same theme design. There are three options to choose from – two fill in the blank and one with blank lines for a personal note.
  • Sandwiches cut in the shapes of flowers.
  • Colorful cut up veggies – Use individual clear cups with dressing in the bottom and mini carrots and celery sticks.
  • Fruit Punch – If you are using a punch bowl, be sure to freeze sprite in a gelatin mold for the ice ring.
  • Dirt Cups – Cute individual cups with chocolate pudding and gummy worms.
  • Jello Flowers – Use the bottom of a pop bottle for the mold.
  • Flower Name Word Search – Good activity for children that arrive early.
  • Pin the Ladybug on the Flower (see image above) – Just like the game Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Print out Flower Petals on colorful paper and and create 2 – 3 flowers on a poster board. Use the Printable Ladybugs from AFK, print out a sheet of 12 ladybugs and cut them apart. Apply a small bit of rolled scotch tape to the back. While blindfolded, see which child can get their Ladybug closest to one of the flowers.
  • Busy Bees – Paint several cotton balls yellow using either a yellow marker or paint. Allow them to dry. On each cotton ball, glue on google eyes, and with a black marker, draw 2 black stripes. At the party, line up several sized clay or plastic pots, with small candies in each. Allow each child 3 to 5 tries to toss the ‘bee’ into the flower pot. If a bee lands in a pot, the child can select a treat from that pot.
  • Flower Toss – Follow the game directions for Fun Foam Flowers using a ring of flowers to toss.
  • Watering can race – Use 2 small plastic watering cans and divide children up into two teams. Have each team race 20 feet to an empty washtub (or the 2 ltr bottle with the flower top in the game listed above)  and fill with water, return the empty watering can to the next team mate that is in the line. They must then refill the watering can from a bucket that is filled with water. The team that is able to fill the washtub up first wins. You may use other types of containers found around the house.
  • Plant the Seed – Give each child 10 large seeds (sunflower, green been) or beans (navy beans) and have them take turns standing in front of a plastic container (depending on the age and skill level of the children will determine how wide the opening of the container should be.) Who ever can drop the most seeds into the container is the winner.
  • Party Walk – In the driveway, draw a large circle, along the border of the circle, draw 15-20 circles (about 2 ft in diameter) to create a large flower.  In each of the circles write the name of a flower (these can be found on the Flower Names Word Search). Write each of these flower names on a slip of paper and place them in a bag. Have each child stand on a ‘flower’ and start the music. When the music stops, draw a flower name from the bag, whoever is standing on that flower, gets to select a small prize or candy, then rejoins the game. This is a great game to play at the end of the party while you are waiting for parents to pick up their children. Everyone participates, no one sits out, and everyone has an equal chance of winning each time.
  • Make a Dragonfly balloon sculpture for each guest.
  • Traditional games for any birthday party, 12 Easy Games for Kid’s Parties.
  • Flower Top Party Favors – Only pennies to make, these little containers can contain treats for the party guests.
  • A small potted flower to take home.
  • Package of seeds.  Be sure to use the Goodie Bag Thank You Note to create a message to attach to your goodie bags.

Garden Party for Kids, Ideas from other Bloggers:

  • Preview the DIY birthday party ideas that others have posted. See below. Be sure to leave happy comments if you like the party idea:)
  • Do you have decorating ideas, party foods, games and ideas share? Help out other mom’s with your creative, fun ideas.

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