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Fun Foam Flower Bookmark

Easy to make, Flower Bookmark using fun foam and ribbon template at

These simple flower bookmarks are an easy group project for kids to make, classroom or scouting.  Flower bookmarks are a good craft that kids can use for gifts for mom or grandma.  Need a craft for a Garden Themed birthday party?  There is almost no cost involved in making these bookmarks.

  • Fun foam or felt in bright bright colors
  • Fun foam or felt in green
  • Paper fastener (brad)
  • 12″ grosgrain ribbon about 1″ wide (green works well)
  • Fray Check or clear nail polish
  • Scissors
  • flower stencil #1 or flower stencil #2
  1. Print out the flower stencil #1 or flower stencil #2.  Each stencil has 6 flowers and 6 leaves to cut out.
  2. Cut the flower pattern out of the bright colored fun foam or felt.
  3. Cut the leaf out of the green fun foam or felt.
  4. Lightly finish the loose ends of the ribbon with clear nail polish or fray check.
  5. Fold the flower in half and cut a very small snip (about 1/4 inch) in the center.
  6. Cut a similar slit near the edge of the leaf.
  7. Cut a small slit in the ribbon, about 1/2 inch down from one end.
  8. Matching the holes, assemble the bookmark: flower > leaf > ribbon.
  9. Insert the paper fastener through the holes, fastening behind the ribbon.
  • Great gifting idea for Mother’s Day.
  • Easy birthday party craft for a Garden Party or Tea Party.
  • Don’t have felt or fun foam?  A substitution would be to print the flowers on colored construction paper then cover one side with clear packing tape to make the flower rip resistant.

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