Kid's Birthday Party Ideas

Four Corners

What You Will Need for Four Corners:
  • At least 5 or more players
  • Large playing area with 4 corners
Rules of the Game:
  • Once “IT” counts to ten, you may not change your corner.
  • If your corner is called by “IT”, then everyone in that corner is out.
Objective of the Game:
  • To be the last player left in the game.
How to Play Wall Ball:
  1. Four corners of the playing area are number from 1-4.
  2. One player is picked to be “IT”. “IT” sits in the center of the playing area and closes their eyes and counts to ten.
  3. All players quickly and quietly pick a corner to stand in. The quieter corner may not be called because “IT” may assume that there are little
    or no players in that particular corner.
  4. Once “IT” reaches ten, all players must remain in place. “IT” then calls out a corner’s number while his/her eyes remain closed.
  5. The players at that corner are now out.
  6. The game then repeats until there is one player left- the winner!

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