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Folded Christmas Tree Card

Folded Christmas Tree craft for kids. Printable Christmas tree card for kids to make.
There are several ways to decorate and display this folded Christmas tree. Shown here the tree template was printed on green printer paper then cut apart, folded and used for the front of a Christmas Card for children to give.  This craft is for elementary school aged children as it takes a little bit of skill to fold the tree.
  • PDF for the Folded Christmas Tree
  • Craft glue
  • Scissors
  • Sequences, or use a hole punch with different colors of construction paper
  • Colored construction paper or printer paper
Instructions for making a folded Christmas Tree
  1. Select and print out the PDF for the Folded Christmas Tree.
  2. Either print out on green printer paper, or print white paper, trace on green construction paper.
  3. Cut the tree out on the outside, darker line.
  4. Fold the paper on the four straight, light gray lines as shown.
  5. Decorate the outside of the tree with sequences, or circles of colorful construction paper.
  6. Note: On one example shown, I cut out a triangle of Christmas Paper and glued it to the inside of the folded tree.
  7. Once the decorations are dry, glue the back of the Christmas tree to a folded piece of construction paper to make a Holiday card.
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