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Cross Bookmark Craft

Stained Glass Cross Bookmark craft
Pretty Cross Bookmark craft resembles a stained glass window. This craft is not recommended for younger children because of the difficulty cutting out the center cross and working with contact paper.
  • Colorful printer paper
  • Scissors
  • Gold or silver garland (Christmas garland works well) or colored glitter
  • Printout for the Cross Bookmark
  • Clear contact paper or 2″ wide clear packing tape
  1. Print out the Cross Bookmark on the colored printer paper. NOTE: When printing a PDF document, be sure to print at ‘Actual Size.’
  2. Carefully cut out the cross from the inside of the bookmark. There are a few tricks to doing this. Either take a snip from the center of the cross then work your way to the outline of the cross cutting along the lines. Another option is to gently fold the bookmark and snip the horizontal portions of the cross first then cutting the vertical lines (see below.)
  3. Peal the backing off of a section of clear contact paper that is large enough for the cross bookmark.
  4. Lay the cut bookmark with printed side towards the sticky side of the clear contact paper.
  5. Using either snipped pieces of the garland or the sprinkles – fill in the area where the cross has been cut out and the sticky contact paper is visible.
  6. Gently shake the excess off the cross and apply a second piece of contact paper to the back side of the cross bookmark.
  7. Cut out the bookmark along the outer dark edge of the paper.
Stained Glass Cross Bookmarks

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