Kid's Birthday Party Ideas
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Easy Nacho Dip

Easy Nacho Cheese Recipe for Kids

Only 2 Ingredients for this festive party snack. Make it hot and spicy or as mild as you like. Easy recipe for kids using the microwave.

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Pesto Deviled Eggs

Pesto Deviled Eggs Recipe for kids.

An easy recipe for kids - Pesto Deviled Eggs are fun for St. Patrick's Day, Easter or for several Birthday Party Themes.

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Mini Corn Dog Muffins

Easy bite-sized mini corn dog muffins are a great treat for a child's birthday Party.

Try mini corn dog muffins for your child's next party. Delicious and easy to make. Serve the muffins plain or with ketchup & mustard like traditional corn dogs.

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Happy Easter Placemat

Easter egg coloring page and printable placemat for kids.

Decorate the table with Easter placemat. Teach kids how to set the table. Add an Easter coloring page to the printable placemat that can be decorated.

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Valentine’s Day Placemat Printable

Coloring page to print for Valentine's Day.  Printable placemat for kids.

Free printable placemat for kids. Easy Valentine activity for kids to make for mom and dad. Also for mom and dad to show their children how special they are.

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Mother’s Day Printable Placemat

Printable placemat for Mother's Day

Celebrate mom on her special day with a printable placemat that children can decorate with a Happy Mother's Day coloring page. Also an option to create custom napkin rings.

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Printable Merry Christmas Place Mat

Printable Christmas place mat for kids.  Creative diversion for little ones at the Christmas table.

Keep the kids occupied at the table with this printable Christmas place mat. Teach children how to set the table using the printed guide. This makes for a creative diversion for little ones at the Christmas table.

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Happy Hanukkah PlaceMat

Printable Hanukkah Placemat for Kids.  Hanukkah coloring page.

Free printable place mat for setting the Hanukkah Table. Print the basic place setting to teach children to set the table and add a printable page for Hanukkah that they can color.

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Thanksgiving Placemat for Kids

Printable Thanksgiving place mat for kids.

Printable coloring page and Thanksgiving table setting ideas. Teach children to set the table and add a printable coloring page for a Thanksgiving Placemat.

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