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St. Patrick’s Day

Paper Plate Wiggle Snake

Paper Plate Wiggle snake craft for kids

A bendable snake made from a paper plate for St. Patrick's Day crafts. The Paper Plate Wiggle Snake is an easy craft for elementary aged children.

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Paper Plate Snake Craft


Classic St. Patrick's Day craft for kids, Paper Plate Snake Craft is an easy classroom activity for Kids.

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Rainbow with Gold

Rainbow with gold treasure hearts

What is your gold treasure at the end of the rainbow? Gold hearts with notes of what is treasured most.

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Candy Memory Game for Kids

Gold Candy Coin Memory Game for Kids on St. Patrick's Day

A game for St. Patrick's Day. Don't just hand out the candy, make a game of it. For this candy memory game, use gold foil wrapped candies - coins, rolos, actually just about any candy will do.

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Pesto Deviled Eggs

Pesto Deviled Eggs Recipe for kids.

An easy recipe for kids - Pesto Deviled Eggs are fun for St. Patrick's Day, Easter or for several Birthday Party Themes.

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Coffee Filter Rainbow

Coffee Filter Rainbow craft for St. Patrick's Day.

A St. Patrick's Day craft for kids using a coffee filter to create a rainbow that leads to a pot of gold. The coffee filter rainbow allows colors to meld together like a real rainbow.

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Ribbon Snake

Ribbon Snake craft for kids.

Printer paper and ribbon snake is a cute craft for kids to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, Year of the Snake for Chinese New Year or for Adam and Eve Bible study.

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Irish Soda Bread

Not just for St. Patrick's Day!

A relatively easy Irish Soda Bread Recipe that you can make with your kids. A traditional St. Patrick's Day Recipe.

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