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Holiday crafts and printables for kids during the month of February. Great classroom resource for upcoming holidays including Presidents Day printables, Valentine’s Day crafts, cards and activities. Also this year celebrate Mardi Gras and the Chinese New Year. Crafts for kids of all ages including toddlers and pre-school aged children. Inexpensive crafts and free printables for your classroom and home schooled children.

Valentine Heart Math

Valentine Heart Math Activity for Kids

A Valentine activity that makes adding and subtracting fun! A free printable is provided for the hearts as well as the math worksheet.

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Friendship Chain

Friendship Chain Birthday activity

A fun craft for friends to put together for Valentine's Day, Friendship Day, birthday parties or any special occasion. Create one chain for the group or one for each of the friends.

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Valentine Tree

Valentine Tree Art Craft for Kids

A Valentine Tree Craft for children uses two printable pages to create a heart shaped tree. Printable heart and tree templates.

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Friendship Hearts

Hanging Friendship Hearts children's craft

A decorative hanging heart for Valentine's Day, Friendship Day and even Mother's Day. Hanging Friendship Hearts are a way to share talents and personality.

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Yin Yang Valentine Card

Yin Yang Valentine Card Pattern - Valentine's Day Activities for Kids

A fun Valentine activity for kids includes the pattern for the Yin Yang Valentine card. Use two colors of paper for the Yin and Yang design on the folded card.

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Mini Beaded Vase

Mini Beaded Vase using a recycled jar and Mardi Gras beads.

Great for holiday gifting! Use up leftover Mardi Gras Beads and a recycled jar to create a cute mini beaded vase. Valentine's Day, Mother's Day or Grandparents Day.

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Heart of Gold Bookmarks

Mini hearts of gold craft to use for bookmarks for kids to make.

Kids craft for Heart of Gold Bookmark. Great gift for kids to give classroom teachers, Sunday school teachers or for someone special.

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Candy Heart Valentine Sudoku

Kids sudoku printable using Valentine candy Hearts instead of numbers.

Printable Valentine Sudoku for kids. A fun classroom printable game with an easy four-square sudoku game that use Valentine candy hearts instead of numbers.

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