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Numbers & Math

Christmas Tree Math

Christmas Tree Math printables from Activities For Kids.

Preschool children will have fun punching holes for the tree number, older children can work on Christmas Tree Math by creating formulas.

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Telling Time

Printable clock craft to teaching children to tell time.

Clock Printout & activity to teach children about telling time. Moveable clock with a minute hand that identifies associated minutes to numbers of a clock.

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Paper Plate Turkey

Incorporate fractions when doing this Thanksgiving Turkey.

Colorful Turkey for Thanksgiving - can also be used as a lesson in fractions. Divide the plate into sections 1/4 and 1/8.

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Printable Multiplication Chart

Printable multiplication chart. Handy reference for children that are learning their multiplication tables.

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Printable Number Chart


Two number charts to choose from. Completely filled in number chart or one with missing numbers for children to complete.

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