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Color Wheel & Art

Working with primary and secondary colors on the color wheel to create art. Lessons on combining color.

How to Color Popcorn Kernels

How to color popcorn kernels for crafts.

Popcorn kernels are inexpensive and easy to color for a variety of crafts. Color an much or as little as you need for crafting projects.

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Color Wheel Bookmarks

Printout to include when doing color wheel lessons.

Print 6 Color Wheel bookmarks per page. Children can identify Primary and Secondary colors. Free printable color wheel bookmarks from Activities for Kids.

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Magic Potion Drink

Primary colors of Ice cubes melt together to create secondary colors.

Learn about how primary colors mix to make secondary colors with this Magic Potion Drink Recipe for Kids. A fun way to learn about the color wheel.

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Printable Color Wheel

Teach kids about primary and secondary colors with this printable color wheel template that kids can color.

Print with or without labels for colors. Color Wheel Printable where children can either color in a page or the teacher can print out on colored paper - children can then assemble the primary and secondary colors to make a color wheel.

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