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Voting Ballot Bookmarks

Free printable voting ballot bookmarks for your classroom.

Have fun with this one. Stage a class election or simply vote on favorite items. Customize these Voting Ballot Bookmarks for classroom themes.

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Voting Ballots for Kids

Classroom voting ballots for kids - customize and print.

Customize and Print voting ballots for your classroom. For any classroom activity that uses a ballot. Enter in your own selections or candidates.

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Fun Beach Activities for Kids

Things to do at the beach with kids - something different to do at the beach.

Looking for something different to do on your next visit to the beach? Check out this list of Beach Activities for Kids, educational and fun things for kids to do at the beach.

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Journals for Kids to Make

List of Journals for Kids to Make.

Children can create unique journals to artwork, summer vacation or prayer. Journals for kids to make and use to record their memories.

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Family Staycation Tips

Tips for planning a family staycation this holiday.  Summer staycation tips

Both parents can't get time off from work, money is tight... what ever the reason, staycations are now a popular way to vacation with the family. Check out these Staycation Tips.

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Summer Bucket List

Image for Kid's Summer Bucket List ideas and printouts.

Print a Summer Bucket List for your children - help them organize and manage their time during the summer months. A bucket list of books to read, things to do.

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Homework Pass

No homework coupons.  Printable homework pass for students.

Free printable No Homework coupons! Great reward for a job well done! Five designs for a printable Homework Pass to give to students in your classroom.

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Back To School Jokes

Printable Back to School Jokes for kids.

Print 20 different Back to School Jokes for your classroom. Easy, free printable is a great way to ease kids back into the school year.

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Vacation Memories

Kids journal to record vacation memories

Printable Vacation Memories pages are an easy way for kids to make notes about what they saw and did on their vacation - by creating a mini journal.

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Printable Easter Bookmarks

Customize and print Bookmarks for Easter

For your class or group, Free printable Easter Bookmarks where you can add a Bible verse, short poem or words of inspiration.

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