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Car Games for Kids

Super easy ways to keep kids occupied when in the car - Car games for kids and printable games from #cargames
Games to occupy the kids while in the car or on the go. Seven easy car games for kids on family vacations or just trips around town and a list of printable games. Select the Next button to view them all.

I Spy

A classic car game with simple rules. The leader of the game picks an object that everyone can see, then gives the others a clue by saying, “I spy something …” (Say its shape, color or size). The other players ask questions about what you see and you only answer with “yes” or “no”. The first player who guesses right becomes the new spy (leader).

A to Z

Find words for all the letters of the alphabet starting with “A”. Have the players take turns, after “A”, go to “B”, and so on. Can you get ot “Z” and finish the alphabet? Alternate the starting person at the start of a new game so that everyone gets a chance with the challenging letters. (For younger players you may want to skip the difficult letters.) This game is best if you are not on a highway.

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  1. Great ideas and I especially liked your “Are We There Yet” suggestions!


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