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Bunny Cup

Easter crafts for kids.  Perfect decoration for the Easter table.  Inexpensive enough to make for a large group or as a classroom project.
This little Easter decoration is so cute at the Easter table! Easy and inexpensive. Go ahead and make for every member of the family then fill them with little holiday treats. A cute Easter decoration for kids to make and easy enough for a classroom or scouting group to do. Use this mini Bunny Cup to hold candy, Easter eggs or other treats.
To make the Easter Bunny Cup you will need:
  • 2 – Clear solo 9oz cups
  • White plastic spoon
  • Green printer paper
  • White paper
  • Black permanent marker
  • Pink marker
  • 2 Google eyes
  • White paper
  • Craft glue
  • Scissors
  • Easter grass cup pattern
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How to make the Easter Bunny Cup:
  1. Print out the Easter grass cup pattern on green printer paper or else print on regular printer paper, cut out and trace onto green construction paper. Please note that I recommend making the pattern about 1/2 ” longer on one side. Due to margin restrictions, I was unable to make the pattern as large as I wanted.
  2. Once you have printed and cut out the pattern for the grass, make snips into the paper to the line indicated on the printout.
  3. Place the green grass into one of the solo cups. Place the second cup into the first so that the grass stays securely in place. A drop of glue can also be used in the bottom of the first cup to keep the cups together.
  4. Cut out the bunny’s ears from the white paper. Be sure to make them long enough so they can be held in place behind the spoon. Color the centers with the pink marker.
  5. Using the black and pink markers,
  6. With the black and pink markers draw a nose and whiskers on the back (rounded) side of the plastic spoon. Attach the google eyes with two dots of glue.
  7. Attach the ears to the inside of the spoon with the glue.
  8. Add Easter grass inside the solo cup and add treats.

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