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Recycled Container Bug Catcher

Recycled storage containers to create a Bug Catcher at

Inexpensive bug catcher is easy to assemble and fun to decorate. Works well for a large group, scouting groups, birthday party activities or in a classroom.

Materials needed for the recycled container bug catcher from
  • 2 Plastic containers (at least 1 lid and 2 container bottoms) I used the containers that sliced lunch meat comes in
  • Sheer netting fabric – about 2? larger than the opening of the container
  • Craft glue
  • Razor knife (adults only)
  • Puff paints or permanent markers
  • Scissors
  • Thoroughly wash and dry the plastic containers.
  • ADULT ONLY: Using the razor knife, cut off the bottom of one of the containers.
  • ADULT ONLY: Cut out the inside section of the lid. It is best to work on a hard surface such as a cutting board or thick magazine. Tip: When cutting out the lid, insert the razor knife into the starting point – deep enough that it is held into the wood, then with your other hand, move the lid (instead of moving the knife). This will be easier and give you a smoother cut.
Recycled storage containers to create a Bug Catcher at
  • Run a thin line of glue around the top opening of the cut plastic container.
  • Gently place the netting on top of the glue – do not pull tight.
  • Place the cut lid on top of the netting and secure in place. This will tighten the netting.
  • With scissors, trim off the excess netting around the lid.
  • Decorate the outside of the uncut plastic container.
Recycled storage containers to create a Bug Catcher at
Now you are ready to catch some bugs! With the decorated container in one hand and the cut container with the lid in the other – scoop up bugs and fit the 2 containers together.

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