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About My Grandparents

Grandparent's Day printable card where younger kids can fill in the blanks telling about their grandma and grandpa.  Printable Grandparent's Day card from Activities for Kids.

It is so cute when kids write about their grandparents. Things you may not think about, but are observed by a child come out when they are asked to answer questions ‘About My Grandma’ or ‘About My Grandpa’. This cute keep-sake card can be printed out for an individual child or a classroom.

A one page printable that folds into a tri-fold card that kids can color and decorate. Younger children may need a little help writing the words on their grandparent’s card, but this is a great way to practice writing.

Once folded, the card is the perfect size to fit into a standard size envelope to mail off for Garandparent’s Day.

  • Print out the one page printable for My Grandma Card or My Grandpa Card.
  • Cut out the rectangle of the card out along the outer gray line.
  • With crayons or colored pencils, have the child draw a picture either of their grandparent or something that is special to them.
  • Children can fill in the blanks with descriptions of their grandma or grandpa.
  • Fold the card as indicated. The first fold is between the front picture and the body of the card. Fold again on the dotted gray line to create the tri-fold card with the picture on the top.

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